"web content" described in this article includes the text, user interface, chart, trademark, logo, sound, sound, music, American editor, coding, design, architecture, and interface appearance of the web site or through the website. And so on, and the combination of the foregoing. The company owns, controls, or is authorized to use the content of the web page. The content of the web is protected by copyright, patent, trademark, all kinds of intellectual property rights and fair trade law.

our company does not guarantee that any part of the web site or web content you contact is correct, complete or available, or will continue to maintain the right, complete, or available state in the future. The company has the right but no obligation to decide to increase, change, modify, delete, restrict or obstruct all or one of the contents of the website or web site at any time, on any grounds or without reason.

user behavior

1.  the right to use this website and webpage content is only in line with the specific purpose specified in this website and this clause. Any business without prior authorization is prohibited.  

2.  you must comply with the relevant rules and regulations and be responsible for any behavior that is carried out through the name and password of the user and all the data stored. You must agree with the following behavior:

. No information on discrimination, slander, slander or infringement should be posted.

shall not collect any evidence from other users and abuse their credentials.

shall not forgery or manipulate the identification function, and shall not counterfeit others or have no right to represent others or imitate other individuals or groups.

shall not enter the website without authorization or any loopholes connected to this website by using the search password or any other illegal means.

shall not violate the security or authentication mechanism of this website or any links to this website.

shall not use this website illegally or without authorization.

shall not delete any exclusive rights statement in duplicate pages.

will only have to use the content of the web page as a reference for your personal nonprofit, and the content of the web page should not be reproduced or posted to a connected computer or through any media.

- no modification of the content of the web page; no action is taken to impose an unreasonable or disproportionate   a large amount of information, on this website or system or network or any link to the network or system of 3C.

shall not make any additional statements or warranties regarding the content of the web page.

- agree not to use any equipment, software or program to interfere or attempt to interfere with the website, to perform the normal functioning of the transaction, or to interfere with the use of this website.

if you have violated the access to the website or the content of the website, or when you touch any decree or this clause, the company will withdraw the authority of your website and the content of your web page.